The InnoCommunity project, thus, is a research consortium that aims at developing an understand­ing of governance and design of collaborative innovation communities. We are also interested in assessing how such governance mechanisms may be used to organize specific tasks in established organizations. A series of experiments will be set up as real communities among Danish nurses in the Copenhagen region thanks to our participating hospital partners. To pursue this research endeavor, we have formed an interdisciplinary research alliance among researchers from both Danish and international research institutes. Read more about our community.

As a result, the InnoCommunity project tends to yield not only scientific knowledge but also practical contribution to our partner institutes and organizations in Denmark at large in several ways.

  • More effective collaborative user-driven innovation platforms: Existing user-driven platforms can use this knowledge to improve their outcomes through adjustments of their governance system. Firms and public institutions can use the results of this alliance to design governance systems to optimally fit the desired outcomes of the platforms.
  • Improvements to established organizations and enhanced innovation output: Established organizations can alter parts of their existing governance system to incorporate principles proven to be effective in the context of user-driven innovation platforms.
  • Empowered nurses and more health-care innovations Danish hospitals will experience a surge of innovation initiatives coming from nurses engaged in the innovation platforms, which will result in improvements to Danish healthcare practice, both in terms of process and product innovations. It will also enforce the understanding of nurses as a professional group contributing valuable knowledge to healthcare innovation.